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Lawyers reveal what's dreadful at work in Firm of the Year 2017 survey
“Have you ever had to cancel a holiday while you were on the holiday?” ... read more > (10 comments)
Exclusive: Clyde & Co staff complain after it runs out of water
Loos run dry but staff told to keep working ... read more > (5 comments)
Exclusive: Citi accused of 'forcing' its lawyers to hug
Bank insists they loved it ... read more > (1 comment)
Ex-Clifford Chance trainee sues Oxford Uni because he didn't get a first
Wants £1 million for his 2:1 failure ... read more > (6 comments)
Lawyer struck off for billing client in topless photos
And browsing porn together at his office ... read more > (3 comments)
Spanish lawyer reveals landlady gave her 108 rules to live in Dublin house
A dozen about the cat ... read more >
The RollOnFriday in-house lawyer survey is OPEN
Work in-house? Have your say ... read more >
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Lawyer lookalikes, Article 50, bums and a magnificent Dutchman ... read more >

Firm of the Year 2017: Rate your firm

Firm of the Year 2017: Rate your firm
How happy are you with your firm? Rate it in the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2017 survey.

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Send Us Your News
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Asia Pacific Headlines
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Glamorous Solicitor

Glamorous Solicitor

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Firm of the Year 2016: The Results

Thousands of lawyers, trainees and staff have rated their firms for pay, promotion prospects, management, culture and working hours (as well as meeting room biscuits, loos and social life). Check out the full results for the Firm of the Year 2016 survey and read the stories, filled with comments from insiders. It's a tale of great triumphs and a Golden Turd.

Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps

Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps
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Pinsent Masons is looking for a construction NQ/1PQE, a corporate tax 3-6PQE and a banking 6+PQE for its Glasgow/Edinburgh offices, plus it has more roles in London, Leeds and Manchester. See them all.

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A little birdy told me...

...that a balding Shoosmiths partner got the marketing team to photoshop hair onto his profile photo.