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US News
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Crunch Action

RollOnFriday Community Action is a ground breaking scheme to help lawyers who've been made redundant. It allows them to keep practising and get guaranteed job interviews by doing something good.

Make Me... offer I can't refuse. Put your details on Make Me An Offer and let top law firms come and offer you jobs. It's confidential, anonymous and free.


Morgan Lewis devastates Bingham with mass lateral hire
Most one-sided merger ever as it poaches over 400 lawyers ... read more >
Exclusive: Trainee anger at Arthur Cox dietary advice
"Clearly they want slim folks with no mates" ... read more >
Law student convicted of terrorism charge
He's the Mujahideen and he's making a scene ... read more > (1 comment)
The RoF Blogs
An internet scammer takes on RoF, the very lux raffle prizes at Citibank and Bakers' boxers ... read more >
University of Law campus for sale
London site would make ideal spot for a luxury hotel, brochure suggests ... read more >
NY firm in turmoil as partner's wife accused of murdering associate's cat
Stalking, sex and scandal as US firm's partners turn on each other. Bluddy hell. ... read more > (9 comments)

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Send Us Your News
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Firm of the Year 2014: The Results

The RollOnFriday computer has wheezed into action and churned through the thousands of responses received from law firm employees the world over, rating their satisfaction with their pay, promotion prospects and working hours (as well as biscuits, bogs and booze-ups) at the biggest UK law firms and leading Australian law firms. It's a high five to the winners and a big fat Golden Turd to the losers.

You can always have your say on your firm by updating the Inside Info form or by sending in your news and gossip.

Glamorous Solicitor

Glamorous Solicitor

To be reminded that you work in a profession renowned for its elegance, grace and exceptional sartorial standards, check out the Glamorous Solicitor of the Week.


Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps

Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps
It's the new game taking the legal profession by storm - Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps. Check out all the new entrants in the RoF table of villany here. Play your friends. And make sure you send us your nomination, too.

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Asia Pacific Headlines
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Special Offer

Special Offer
Get a 15% discount at wedding shoe designer Harriet Wilde.

An exclusive offer for readers. Just enter 'RollOnFriday' at the checkout.

Job of the Week

Job of the Week

Big Society Capital is a financial institution with a social mission to build the social investment market in the UK. It's looking for an assistant internal counsel, 2-3 PQE, for its London office. Knowledge and experience of transactional finance is a must. Apply now.


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A little birdy told me...

...that a student's vac scheme ended early after the student was caught trying to arrange a liaison with a cleaner in the firm's car park. Do you know which firm it is? Get in touch.