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Compulsive gambler takes casino to court
Claims machine cheated her out of money ... read more >
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Any takers for chance to win big in court? And the SRA can't spell ... read more >
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Puerile headline, strange flat and the LCAA fashion show ... read more >
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Tweet of the week: barrister in distress ... read more >
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Outrageous claim of the week and outstanding packaging ... read more >
Lawyer asks client to pay $50k into his personal account
Conveniently couldn't remember the client account details ... read more >
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Lawyers in lycra ... read more >
Comedian in court for glassing an audience member
But claims the victim "ran into the glass" ... read more >
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Humblebrag of the week. And RollOnFriday is about to get very rich thanks to FLOTUS ... read more >
Ex lawyer pleads guilty to fraud charges
Struck off the roll in 2013. Now back in trouble ... read more >
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RoF Jamie tries to persuade a firm to write a blog on Adam Sandler ... read more >
Criminal lawyer and his mistress clerk in hot water for swindling firm
Caught with his pants down and a hand in the cookie jar ... read more >
Law graduate fined for impersonating a solicitor
Caught advising criminals in a police station ... read more >
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Trainee handcuffed to suitcase containing £3 billion ... read more >
Exclusive: Lawyer claims DLA partner ordered him to "beg" for work
And left distraught at change of tea. And the end of lobby flowers ... read more > (7 comments)
Defendant calls on Jurassic Park in desperate plea
An argument 65 million years in the making ... read more >
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Lonely heart: Angry Amazon customer seeks litigation funder ... read more >
Clifford Chance launches Saudi association. Again.
As court investigates firm's current licence ... read more > (1 comment)
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Where the **** is Alice? ... read more >
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Withers partner achieves peak Withers with Tatler grouse-shooting advice ... read more >
Exclusive: Trowers & Hamlins freezes pay
Senior Partner tells staff, “reassure everyone the UK is open for business” ... read more > (1 comment)
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11 More Grrrrreat Tips for Trainees ... read more >

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