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Answers to the RollOnFriday Quiz 2011
06 January 2012
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Nearly a thousand readers answered the devilish questions posed in RollOnFriday's Quiz of 2011. A few of them were correct, and fewer still provided an email address to be entered into the prize draw.

And so, with much pride and excitement, RollOnFriday can announce the winner is Katharine Price of DLA Piper London. Congratulations. Katharine was offered her pick of prizes: a Kindle, £100 of booze or - best of all - lunch with the RollOnFriday team. She went, wisely, for the Kindle.

  Katharine Price* celebrating victory yesterday
*not necessarily the right Katharine Price

Here are the answers to the quiz, and links to the original stories. Don't forget to check out the top stories from 2011 here, and to keep reading in 2012 to improve your chances of winning a glittering price next year.

January: What bodily function was alleged to have been temporarily banned at Leeds firm Ford & Warren?

Nose picking
February: Which of these is an actual lyric taken from DMH Stallard's head of real estate dispute resolution first album?

"Play that dischord [sic] fiddle, let all around you burn"
"The oceans getting warm, El Nino ain't flowing any more"
"We don't need Kama Sutra, we still shake the chandeliers"
All of the above
March: What activity for "fun-loving solicitors" counts for an entire year's CPD points?

Watching X-Factor
The Alpha Course
April: Who was accused of having dirty hair and wearing short skirts?

The cast of TOWIE
Wim Dejonghe
The female trainees at Allen & Overy
RollOnFriday's founders, Piers and Matthew
May: What was found in the luggage of a senior Linklaters partner at Dusseldorf airport?

Three exotic banded iguanas from Fiji
800 Linklaters-branded USB sticks
His trainee
A 3,000 Euro pair of leather trousers
June: What kept distracted students at Nottingham Law School from their studies?

Nigel Savage banging on the door
A particularly sexy librarian
Farting builders
July: DLA Piper represented a convicted felon in his claim for what?

The right to carry a concealed weapon
Half of Facebook
The throne
Housing benefit
August: What ended a friendly drink between a BLP partner and his associate?

The sun rising
Mass vomiting
The police breaking up their fisticuffs
An invitation to spend a couple of hours in a nearby Premier Inn
September: Why was a Frenchman Jean-Louis B sued by his wife?

Failing to wash up
Providing insufficient sex
Constantly smelling of garlic
Forgetting their wedding anniversary
October: Lawyers were voted the dirtiest...?

Office workers
November: Glamour Magazine reported that Freshfields was the most female friendly law firm. What percentage of Freshfields partners are female?
December: A rampaging lawyer in Manchester was described as resembling what?

A meercat

A brick shithouse
Brad Pitt
Spongebob Squarepants


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