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Firm of the Year 2017: The best firms for career development
Partners don't own these firms. They merely hold them for the next generation ... read more > (7 comments)
Firm of the Year 2017: The worst firms for career development
Where competency is crushed ... read more > (8 comments)
Herbert Smith Freehills sues ex-partners
Who are moving to White & Case ... read more > (2 comments)
Exclusive: Firm used by Magic Circle guilty of bribery and corruption
Cyprus, living up to its reputation as a paradise for crims ... read more > (3 comments)
Clifford Chance in 67% trainee retention shock
Usually a strong performer ... read more >
Air rage passenger claims to be Linklaters lawyer
Woman boasted on flight that she worked at the firm ... read more > (2 comments)
The RoF blogs
RollOnFriday has identified the nottest lawyers in the UK. It's the Not 100 list. And a lawyer makes the switch to personal trainer ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: The Best-Managed Firms
Like Caeser on steroids ... read more > (1 comment)
Firm of the Year 2017: The Worst-Managed Firms
Like Nero in a chimp suit ... read more > (19 comments)
Exclusive: Travers Smith tells vacation scheme students to black up
*jazz hands* ... read more > (10 comments)
Exclusive: Drunk racist 'solicitor' who ranted at lawyer is not a solicitor
Thanks the media ... read more > (5 comments)
Herbert Smith Freehills and Clifford Chance both axe offices in Qatar
Doha, don't take it personally ... read more > (2 comments)
HogLove wins best client perk
Bold corporate hospitality of the year ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
The terrible jeans of Kellyanne Conway's law firm partner husband, plus a homophobic partner problem solved ... read more >
RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2017 - The best firms for pay
A rich lawyer's world ... read more > (4 comments)
RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2017 - The worst firms for pay
Wonga woes ... read more > (5 comments)
Say howdy to Eversheds Sutherland
Firm's massive US merger goes live ... read more > (2 comments)
White & Case retains 88% of trainees
And gives sanctuary to two KWM trainees ... read more >
Exclusive: Willkie Farr partner caught in office sex act by SIX lawyers
#Gobblegate ... read more > (18 comments)
Exclusive: Jailed ex-Ince & Co partner wins “Lawyer of the Year"
Stunning achievement after being struck off ... read more > (12 comments)
The RoF Blogs
Legal Agony, UK lawyer v Trump and City law music ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017 results: The top firms
And complete overall rankings ... read more > (1 comment)
Firm of the Year 2017 results: The mediocre firms
Not appearing on your internal bulletins soon ... read more > (1 comment)
Firm of the Year 2017 results: The worst firms
Crikey ... read more > (4 comments)
Mishcon defeats government in Brexit battle
Mishcon means Mishcon ... read more > (3 comments)
KWM administrator blames fleeing partners for collapse
Caused run on the firm ... read more > (1 comment)
12 Jones Day lawyers take jobs with Donald Trump
So he's drained one swamp at least ... read more > (3 comments)
Dodgy judge ripped off clients for £1million
Firm's accountant caught up in fraud, committed suicide ... read more >
The RoF blogs
Legal agony advice, the court artist on Art 50, the Lord Chancellor starts to grow a spine, and the Help KWM staff appeal ... read more >
RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2017 - The Winner
The firm with the happiest staff ... read more > (3 comments)
The Golden Turd 2017
Take a guess ... read more > (17 comments)
KWM enters administration
RIP SJB ... read more > (5 comments)
Exclusive: Freshfields lawyer blasted for issuing threats in firm's name
Did it for his mum ... read more > (4 comments)
KWM partners call each other ****s in emails sent to entire firm
"See you next Tuesday" ... read more > (3 comments)
In-house lawyers reveal the good, the bad and the sea-sick in survey
Have your say ... read more >
The Glamorous Solicitor 2016: Winner unveiled
On whose head does the crown rest? ... read more >
Christmas Quiz winner revealed
Spurns lunch with the RollOnFriday team. It's fine, used to it ... read more > (1 comment)
The RoF blogs
Seen in London: one firm feels the pinch ... read more >
Exclusive: Man wanted over "torrent of abuse" on train is Linklaters lawyer
90 minute tirade after being asked to turn down his phone ... read more > (14 comments)
Exclusive: Scottish firm lowers NQs' salaries after they accept offers
"Pulled a bait and switch" ... read more > (3 comments)
KWM Europe unable to pay its staff
Who resort to raiding the firm's freezers ... read more > (6 comments)
Battle for the Golden Turd heats up
"Pompous, entitled, ass-kissing snakes" ... read more > (2 comments)
Ex-Ashurst associate found guilty of spanking woman
Court finds that he called her an "Australian slut" ... read more >
Exclusive: Crabs overrun law firm
There's a cream for that ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: the other firms offering great career development
According to their staff ... read more >
Glamorous Solicitor of the Year 2016 - The Final
The six best ... read more >
The RoF blogs
Trump's lawyers won Russian Firm of the Year. Firms answer RoF appeal to help KWM staff. And the Supreme Court Yearbook reviewed by the court artist ... read more >
KWM files notice to appoint administrators
As management team partners start new jobs ... read more > (5 comments)
In-house counsel blast lawyers who act like they're on the Apprentice
Worst perk of the year revealed ... read more >
Exclusive: Dentons lawyers send Dentons lawyers barmy Xmas love letter
From Russia with Season's Greetings ... read more > (3 comments)
Review of the Year: January to March
Exposing fake legal recruiters and groping madness ... read more >
Review of the Year: April to June
Huge payrises and bad dumping etiquette ... read more >
Review of the Year: July to September
Brexit fallout ... read more >
Review of the Year: October to December
Unhappy Mr Berwin ... read more >
Glamorous Solicitor 2016 - Round Two
Whittled down to a tasty dozen ... read more >
The Most Bonkers Law Firm Websites of 2016
This is why people do things by committee ... read more >
Win £100 in the RollOnFriday Christmas Quiz
Never knowingly adjusted for inflation ... read more >
Best 20 blogs of the year
Scamming the scammers, sweary poems and Merry Fotso ... read more >
Salary hikes and extra holiday at Slaughter and May
10% increases across the board ... read more > (13 comments)
Firm of the Year: What the partners think of you
And their shop. Spoiler warning - squirrel issues at Kirkland ... read more > (4 comments)
Exclusive: Ince associate leaves firm after fight with Kennedys partner
Flown out of country to avoid jail ... read more > (7 comments)
Exclusive: Shakespeare Martineau CEO ordered to pay £75k after misconduct
But will not step down ... read more > (7 comments)
Exclusive: Judge slams Law Soc for "shoddy" and "misleading" behaviour
Misstated how much cash it made ... read more > (3 comments)
Exclusive: Trowers offends gay student with aids suggestion
Tsk. Snowflake ... read more > (7 comments)
Fantastic RollOnMonday video of the week
John Lewis eat your heart out ... read more > (3 comments)
Glamorous Solicitor 2016 - Round 1
It's the most wonderful time of the year ... read more > (1 comment)
The RoF blogs
Trolleyed at Travers Smith, and the court artist on Article 50 ... read more >
Lawyers reveal what's dreadful at work in Firm of the Year 2017 survey
“Have you ever had to cancel a holiday while you were on the holiday?” ... read more > (17 comments)
Exclusive: Clyde & Co staff complain after it runs out of water
Loos run dry but staff told to keep working ... read more > (6 comments)
Exclusive: Citi accused of 'forcing' its lawyers to hug
Bank insists they loved it ... read more > (1 comment)
Ex-Clifford Chance trainee sues Oxford Uni because he didn't get a first
Wants £1 million for his 2:1 failure ... read more > (9 comments)
Lawyer struck off for billing client in topless photos
And browsing porn together at his office ... read more > (4 comments)
Spanish lawyer reveals landlady gave her 108 rules to live in Dublin house
A dozen about the cat ... read more > (1 comment)
The RollOnFriday in-house lawyer survey is OPEN
Work in-house? Have your say ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
Lawyer lookalikes, Article 50, bums and a magnificent Dutchman ... read more >
Firm of the Year 2017: Lawyers reveal what's great about their firms
Shock as lawyers reveal their firms are actually pretty good really ... read more >
Exclusive: KWM appeal launched to help staff
As grim details reach RollOnFriday ... read more > (4 comments)
Exclusive: Associate sued NRF for injury caused by partner bullying
Claim against karate partner ... read more >
Exclusive: Shearman & Sterling in real fur furore
For PETA's sake ... read more > (4 comments)
Hogan Lovells launches gender transitioning training for staff
Just don't mention Dubai ... read more > (5 comments)
Lawyer forced to resign by racist firebrand
It's anti-PC gone mad ... read more > (12 comments)
Texas Law Hawk wields flamethrower in barmy Xmas advert
And an 'elf' ... read more > (3 comments)
The RoF Blogs
The finale of the Lawyer Sex Doll Emails, a LinkedIn lawyer threatens to gun down a court, and a plea for KWM staffers ... read more >
Golden Turd spreads its wings as Firm of the Year 2017 survey OPENS
Watch it soar! ... read more > (8 comments)
KWM Europe faces oblivion after partners decide not to save it
Merger now the last hope as RollOnFriday launches rescue-a-trainee appeal ... read more > (13 comments)
Exclusive: Osborne Clarke partner in sweary LinkedIn embarrassment
Issues apology to Spurs fans ... read more > (12 comments)
Scandal engulfs firm which took secret £300k council loan
To build a rooftop BBQ and put a telly in every room ... read more > (6 comments)
Partner gets basic law questions wrong in excrutiating televised evidence
Watch him get paler with every second ... read more > (5 comments)
The RoF Blogs
The Sex Doll Emails Part 2 and the BDSM of Brexit ... read more >
Exclusive: DAC Beachcroft implicated in blackmail plot
Going the extra mile for its clients ... read more >
ULaw ordered to stop calling itself the "leading" law school
Bad grad ad ... read more > (2 comments)
Exclusive: Firms in tram crash ambulance chasing shame
When opportunity doesn't knock, go after it with a business card ... read more > (1 comment)
Exclusive: Lawyer moonlights as YouTube sensation
Look, at least he's got a life outside work ... read more > (3 comments)
Ex-Addleshaws lawyer appeals against his crystal meth conviction
Caught with enough meth to fell a rhino ... read more > (7 comments)
The RoF Blogs
Idiot tries to buy 250 sex dolls for lawyers ... read more >
KWM partners asked for £14m and a lock-in to save the firm
They have a week to look down the back of the sofa ... read more > (6 comments)
BLP ends pay freeze after junior lawyer anger
Finally undoes bungle which saw NQs paid more than their senior colleagues ... read more > (2 comments)
Herbert Smith partner advised Trump on suing comedian for orangutan gag
How low can you go ... read more > (4 comments)
Exclusive: Trowers rocked by phantom stairwell turd horror
Too big to be the mice ... read more > (3 comments)
Exclusive: Aggrieved ‘victims’ of Carter-Ruck invent ‘Farter-Fuck’
Sometimes childish is the only way to go ... read more > (2 comments)

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