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Exclusive: Trowers thaws Brexit pay freeze
Nothing's going to happen for years anyway ... read more >
Clifford Chance slashes trainee intake by 25%
One of the biggest recruiters just got smaller ... read more > (2 comments)
Masturbator sues vibrator maker data taker
Sex toy grasses up users, claims sex toy user ... read more > (4 comments)
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Humblebrag of the week. And RollOnFriday is about to get very rich thanks to FLOTUS ... read more >
Exclusive: HogLove joins missing trainee club
Simmons & Simmons flunks with 50%, as forecast by RollOnFriday ... read more > (1 comment)
Heartwarming: Judge pens his verdict especially for kids
The case isn't heartwarming though, it's terrifying ... read more > (3 comments)
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RoF Jamie tries to persuade a firm to write a blog on Adam Sandler ... read more >
The ROF blogs
Trainee handcuffed to suitcase containing £3 billion ... read more >
Exclusive: Lawyer claims DLA partner ordered him to "beg" for work
And left distraught at change of tea. And the end of lobby flowers ... read more > (7 comments)
Exclusive: Dentons keeps on just 68% of trainees
Five did not receive offers, and one couldn't resist the $$$ ... read more > (2 comments)
Defendant calls on Jurassic Park in desperate plea
An argument 65 million years in the making ... read more >
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Lonely heart: Angry Amazon customer seeks litigation funder ... read more >
The ROF blogs
Where the **** is Alice? ... read more >
Exclusive: Clifford Chance clamps down on cab cheat lawyers
Leaked email reveals firm fears staff are taking it for a ride ... read more > (24 comments)
Eddie Redmayne to star as Cravath lawyer
In 'You're Working The Weekend', a hilarious new comedy ... read more >
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Withers partner achieves peak Withers with Tatler grouse-shooting advice ... read more >
Exclusive: Trowers & Hamlins freezes pay
Senior Partner tells staff, “reassure everyone the UK is open for business” ... read more > (1 comment)
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11 More Grrrrreat Tips for Trainees ... read more >
Exclusive: Simmons & Simmons chops lawyers
“Hush hush” redundancies across banking, corporate and real estate ... read more > (24 comments)
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Lawyers pose in denim ... read more >
DLA partner's creepy sexist emails revealed
Claimed he was referring to a Flanimal when he said "Klunt" ... read more > (10 comments)
Olswang and Linklaters crucified for BHS advice
Branded the "unacceptable face of capitalism", which might be a bit unfair really given they did their jobs but hey who cares about technicalities like that? ... read more > (7 comments)
Dirty money washed through Shearman & Sterling to make Wolf of Wall Street
Gang used firm's client account to fund lavish lifestyle ... read more >
Judge sacked for boozing in court
But mainly for being a pain while he was loaded ... read more >
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The Lawyer accidentally called Dentons boss a ranting loon ... read more >
Allen & Overy announces 86% trainee retention
First Magic Circle to announce pulls out decent result ... read more >
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"I know someone who used to ______ Boris Johnson's ______." ... read more >
Exclusive: BLP blames Brexit as it freezes pay
Says "political and financial uncertainty" responsible in leaked email to staff ... read more > (7 comments)
Exclusive: Fieldfisher staffer guilty of sex attack on paralegal
Woman saved from IT worker by trainee in ladies loos at firm's Christmas party ... read more > (5 comments)
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Ex-compliance lawyer and his wife love love love offshore funds ... read more >
Exclusive: Shearman & Sterling retains 100% of trainees
The joint RollOnFriday Firm of the year 2016 is first out of the trap ... read more >
Texas Law Hawk crashes jet ski in new video
Exclusive: and speaks to RollOnFriday about plans to crash a Lambo ... read more >
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Lawyer uses deaths to advertise services, and proof even scammers are nervous of UK investment ... read more >
ASA bans solicitor "rip off" advertisement
Apparently most of us routinely overcharge by 20% ... read more > (3 comments)
Solicitors in dodgy denture insult shame
Brands old lady "a complete nightmare" ... read more > (2 comments)
The RoF Blogs
It's Remain! So say City Managing Partners. Which goes to show just how wrong you can be. Nigel Farage filthy limerick competition winner. ... read more >

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