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Firm of the Year 2012
09 December 2011
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Managing partners are gnawing furiously at their fingernails as the infamous RollOnFriday UK Firm of the Year and Australian Firm of the Year kick off for 2012.

In a year of cost-cutting, outsourcing, partner pruning and dead cat bounces, this is the survey that matters. You can keep your PEP and your PPL: RollOnFriday wants to know about your salary, your work-life balance, your chances of promotion, as well as your opinion on the quality of your firm's social life, biscuits and toilets. Plus anything else you care to add (anonymously).

The surveys are now open for the UK and for Aus, so get busy and RollOnFriday's men in white coats will crunch the figures in January 2012 and turn the raw data into results and probably some graphs and stuff.

    RollOnFriday scientists at work
Last year, thousands of responses were fed through the RollOnFriday Sinclair supercomputer before Latham & Watkins was declared UK Firm of the Year, with an impressive 82% score, thanks to its "top class pay" and "genuinely lovely" people. While Australian Firm of the Year Fox Tucker (a firm that, simply, "rocks") triumphed with an almost unheard of score of 87%.

The losers of course receive the coveted RollOnFriday Golden Turd. Propping up the bottom of the UK table last year was Mayer Brown with 46% and where the only good things are "weekends and bank holidays") And in Australia, the dubious honour went to DLA Philips Fox, which scored a fugly 33%.

The whole survey is the work of a mere minute. So if you're in the UK, click here. Australians - here's where you click.


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anonymous user
09/12/2011 10:05
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How many members of staff need to respond for a firm to get on the list?

I can't help but notice that 'news-worthy' firms like Dickinson Dees, Quality Solicitors and Manches never seem to make the list.
anonymous user
09/12/2011 13:10
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Why is there not an offshore firm of the year?

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