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Clifford Chance: write an essay, win a vac scheme
09 November 2012
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Clifford Chance is giving away fifteen places on its 2013 vacation scheme in a competition.

Contestants must answer this poser, intended to challenge them to think critically about reducing greenhouse gas emissions: "What do you think are the most successful ways in which governments can ensure emission reduction targets are achieved?". Entries must be 250 words or less, and the competition is open to all UK students and postgrads.

Candidates will be judged on their "creativity, initiative and business acumen" and not on legal expertise. So if any students want to see the inside of a Magic Circle powerhouse it could be as simple as suggesting everyone blocks up their exhaust pipe with a banana.

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The top 40 entries will be invited to CC's office to work on a case study about renewable energy. Mysterious CC scientists behind the two-way mirror will identify 15 lucky winners and grant them the prized opportunity to gaze at a pile of photocopying for a fortnight, plus iPads all round for the winning team. And the best performer even gets to go to Rio for an all-expenses paid holiday for two.

An insider at Clifford Chance told RollOnFriday that those entering the competition are statistically more likely to get on a vac scheme than those applying via the traditional route, given the enormous numbers the latter attracts. Although the publicity we've just given the comp might bugger that up, sorry.


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anonymous user
09/11/2012 12:35
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they can't seriously be offering return flights to Rio for a weekend in a competition about how to meet reduced emission targets? They are joking aren't they?
anonymous user
09/11/2012 16:00
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We should probably mention that we will be off-setting the carbon emissions for the flights – CC staffer

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