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Pinsent Masons launches second redundancy round in four months
09 November 2012
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Pinsent Masons is launching its second redundancy round of the year, with about 15 support roles to be axed. RollOnFriday understands the firm's finance and central knowledge management departments will be affected.

It's a tough time to be a non fee earner at Pinsent Masons. Following the firm's recent merger with McGrigors, which led to a duplication of support roles, redundancies were perhaps inevitable. The firm launched a consultation last June and in August axed 47 support roles, 40 of them voluntary redundancies. But to have another round in a matter of months must be rather bruising for morale at the firm.

Pinsents insists that this is the final phase of the process which kicked off with the summer redundancies and says that some new jobs are being created too. Which is good news, but will presumably be cold comfort to those facing the New Year unemployed.

    A sombre Pinsent yesterday

A spokesman for Pinsent Masons said, “In June the firm began an exercise to review existing support structures in light of its merger and consider what changes would be needed to provide the most effective level of support to the combined business.  As anticipated, duplicate roles were identified within our support teams and a number of people left the firm.  We are now about to conduct the second phase of this process and expect around 15 support roles to be at risk.  We are consulting with those affected and anticipate that this will be complete in December.”

Happy Christmas.


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22/05/2015 11:51
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Hubba and, indeed, hubba. Is that you, Laz?
anonymous user
22/05/2015 12:41
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Daily Mail is a publication that’s not exactly known to be the most reliable source. For Internet readers, Daily Mail is considered our guilty little pleasure, the digital equivalent of passing by tabloids at the grocery store. While many stories are just flat-out gossip-y, some are actually super damaging —in fact, the website has run into trouble with celebrities, and has faced multiple libel lawsuits.
anonymous user
22/05/2015 14:19
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As an internet reader myself, I might add that the Daily Mail (obv the print version) is also used as toilet paper as a last resort.
anonymous user
22/05/2015 19:47
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On what planet is Cory Standby an anagram of Story by Andy, you dolts?
anonymous user
23/05/2015 07:06
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Cory Y Standby is not an anagram of "story by andy" you muppets. Andy C maybe

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