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Clydes' COO resigns after just one year at the firm
09 November 2012
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David Jabbari has left Clyde & Co only a year after he orchestrated its takeover of Barlow, Lyde & Gilbert.

Jabbari took over as CEO of BLG at a time when profits were flatlining and its competitors were leaving it for dead. Given the dire emergency he probably had little choice but to roll over and let the bigger, more profitable Clydes take it over, on whatever terms it dictated. And they were tough. BLG lost its name, 15% of its partners, and its dignity.

Jabbari was OK though, and was appointed COO on Clydes' board alongside two other senior BLG partners. But on 26th October he sent an email to all the ex-BLG staff thanking them for their loyalty and informing them that he was leaving to pursue other ventures with immediate effect.

  David Jabbari looking all sechsy, yesterday

Jabbari was tight lipped about what these ventures were, only saying that he would "soon be ready" to talk about it. A spokeswoman from Clydes said "David played a critical role in bringing about the Clydes/BLG merger and we thank him for all he has done for the merged firm, where he has been involved in driving forward a number of our regional strategies. We are sure he will bring his many skills to bear in his next endeavour and wish him every success".


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anonymous user
12/11/2012 09:03
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So he's on the move again. He did to BLG what he's done to all the other companies he's joined. He certainly lives up to his nickname "Jabba the Cut". I pity the staff at his next company.

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