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Media storm over "outrageous" law exam question
07 June 2013
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A Cambridge University law exam has caused a furore in the national press because of its explicit content.

200 undergraduates sitting their criminal law paper were asked to consider the offences committed at a fictional Cambridge college drinking society. The question posits a familiar student scenario in which a female student tricks one man into getting gobbled by another man, bums a second man with a bottle and rips off a third's pubic hair, resulting in an infection and untimely death.

    Sandra may have issues
Media outlets including the Daily Mail, The Sun and The Telegraph have all spun the story as an outrage, using frothing tweets from non-law students ("horrific - beyond acceptable") to bolster their case.

However, as Cambridge student mag The Tab reports, the law students themselves were largely unfazed, no doubt thanks to their familiarity with R v Brown. One Christs student even admitted "I liked the question. The circumstances felt familiar, and that was a comfort in the stressful atmosphere of an exam room".

A University spokesman forced to defend the paper said "hypothetical situations are presented in order to test students' understanding of different aspects of Criminal Law", before hurrying home clutching a two litre bottle of Pepsi and a tub of Veet.


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