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Deirdre Dare returns: the great A&O novel will hit the shelves in 2012
22 July 2011
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Former Allen & Overy lawyer - and constant fly in ointment - Deirdre Clark (AKA Deirdre Dare) hit the legal headlines again this week when it was revealed she had raised the funds needed to publish her novel.

Back in June, Dare sent a link to her Kickstarter page (a sort of begging bowl for creative types) around the legal community. She was looking for a $25,000 investment to publish Expat, a sexually charged tale about her life as an expat lawyer at A&O Moscow. And - to everyone's surprise - she's raised the money in double-quick time. RollOnFriday had a look through the list of her backers (two of whom donated more than $2,500) but failed to spot either David Morley or Wim Dejonghe. Tightarses.

    Two people almost certainly not funding Deidre's novel, yesterday

Meanwhile Dare - the self-styled "Carrie Bradshaw of Moscow" - is embroiled in a painful and long-running case against her former employers, Allen & Overy. She was fired from A&O after refusing to take down her smutty poems and semi-naked pictures from the net. Dare claimed however that she was sacked as her boss had a "sexual obsession" with her and sued for unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination. She kicked things off in London, claiming a  paltry £3.4 million, but her claim was dismissed over jurisdiction in June. So she shifted matters to New York and upped the claim to a staggering $35 million. Her grounds include "intentional infliction of emotional distress", "negligent supervision" and "conspiracy".

However, on to more important matters. For any readers unfamiliar with the works of la Dare and who cannot wait for Expat to hit the bargain basket at Waterstones, here is one of her poems:

Three things I am feeling right now:
Drunk, alone and fat as a cow.
Three things that I wish I could be:
Twenty-five, dumb and quite happy.
One thing that strikes me at once:
How much thinking
I do with my **** 
[this "poem" has been moderated by RoF censors].

RollOnFriday looks forward to Expat with bated breath.


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