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Eversheds solicitor advocate appointed QC - and other stories
05 March 2010
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It's more good news for Eversheds this week. Partner Marcus Trinick is the only solicitor advocate to be appointed a Q.C. this year.
Freshfields' Head of Corporate, Mark Rawlinson, is taking part in a bid to take over Manchester United football club. His group calls itself the Red Knights: a new chivalric order created to protect the virtue of Wayne Rooney. The group has the backing of the Manchester United Supporters Trust.
  Two ex HBJ Gately Wareing lawyers who were accused of attempting to extort money from the Duke of Buccleuch have appeared in court.
A theology student in Croatia has been jailed for 15 months after setting fire to a bush which devastated 500 acres of protected land and caused £30million worth of damage. He told the court he lost his temper after the bush kept pricking him on his way to the faculty.
A burning bush yesterday
    A former Labour councillor has been convicted of concealing £300,000 belonging to a drugs dealer.
  A US prosecutor has admitted to sexually assaulting a 21 year old woman after telling her he would reduce her charge in exchange for sex.
  A former beauty queen contestant has been found guilty of fire-bombing her ex-boyfriend's van.
And it appears that Stanmore firm, Makwana Solicitors, is following in the footsteps of shamed Gavin Edmondson Solicitors and also advertising for an office slave:


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